With All The Benefits of Concrete Fermentation,
They're Like 200-gallon Treasure Chests

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Stackable Concrete Wine Tanks

We are pleased to introduce a new concrete tank designed for both the fermentation and storage of wine. This dual purpose tank will provide several years of use and provide the unique flavor profile only concrete can offer.


These 200 gallon open top tanks are ideal and affordable for a small winery that wants to experience the nuances of concrete on a trial basis. Large wineries will find that these flexible tanks work well for experimental and small lots, often before committing to larger concrete vessels.


Obtain and retain the unique qualities of concrete by continuing the process all the way to the bottle. The Sonoma WineStack is designed to stack five high. Wineries are often short of floor space. When stacked five high, the 1,000 gallons will take the same footprint as 2 conventional barrels. A special transparent filler will give assurance that the wine has replaced any oxygen within the tank. The tank may be topped in place.


The contact between wine and concrete is something winemakers are finding valuable to the making of fine wine. As an option, we are now offering a method to enhance the amount of concrete that comes in contact with your wine. We have created a series of corrugated concert baffles. These baffles have a dual purpose. In the event of earth movement, they have a true “baffling” effect against any wave action and they greatly increase the area of wine/concrete contact continuing the oxygen exchange.


The same concrete technology that is used in Sonoma Cast Stone concrete tanks is used in the WineStacks. The winery has a choice of single color or dual colors. WineStack can match the look and feel of our concrete tanks, in the winery room or cave. As with all Sonoma Cast Stone fermentation tanks; the winery can have their winery name or logo embossed into each WineStack tank. These tanks use the same unique casting methods and formulas used in producing our conical, square, and egg tanks.


A one man tank top lifting device. With the aid of a forklift or overhead crane one man can lift and move the tank lid without leaving the forklift seat.


This addition to the tank sides will help insure that a column stacked to full height will be far more resistant to earth movements in earthquake country. Easy to install these Tie-Backs add security where warranted.

Sonoma Cast Stone

Sonoma Cast Stone is the exclusive manufacturer of EarthCrete™, the world's best environmentally sustainable concrete. EarthCrete™ is even stronger than conventional concrete yet lighter in weight and comes in a beautiful palette of natural and designer colors. Located in the Sonoma Valley of Northern California, Sonoma Cast Stone produces magnificent concrete countertops and sinks, tiles and pavers, fireplaces and surrounds for winery tasting rooms and an amazing variety of concrete wine tanks from 200 to 2,300 gallons! Visit www.sonomastone.com to see hundreds of great photos and the most current information about Sonoma Cast Stone and EarthCrete™.

Concrete WineStacks will be exhibited at the
Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, CA
January 30 / Booth #945

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