Concrete NuBarrel™  |  909 L (240 gal)

The concrete NuBarrel™ from Sonoma Cast Stone offers the Complete Control and quality that your winemaker dreams of and the bottom line that your CFO insists on.

After countless taste-tests, the quality of concrete in wine fermentation and storage is beyond question. The arithmetic behind these concrete NuBarrels™ is just as compelling. One concrete NuBarrel™ stores the same volume of wine as four oak barrels, and it will last ten times as long, ultimately producing the wine of some 40 oak barrels. Those oak barrels will cost you about $40,000, but one fully-loaded concrete NuBarrel™, complete with all the hardware, internal sensors and oak immersion rack will only cost you $6,500. That's a savings of over $33,000 that your winery will see for each concrete NuBarrel™ you purchase.

One concrete NuBarrel™ is also much easier to clean than four oak barrels. NuBarrels™ stack and bolt-together in pairs to conserve floorspace They have been seismically-engineered and tested for safety and security, and they are guaranteed not to crack or leak for ten years.

See These Features and Benefits:

The quality of concrete from fermentation

all the way through storage...


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