Segment Tanks

Concrete Wine Tank  |  To 23,000 gal (US)  870 hL  
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Segment Concrete Wine Tanks

Remember the giant swimming pool fermentation vats of the 70s? Sonoma Cast Stone has developed a modern system of concrete fermentation for larger wineries. Our "Segment" tanks system is modular, so you can get the configuration that's ideal for your winery, and all for about the same cost as stainless.

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Stunning, Inside and Out

Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Wine Tanks

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Layered Concrete

A unique style of engineering that makes our concrete tanks so durable.

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Embedded Glycol

Precise temperature control, hidden and kept apart from the wine.

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Showroom Quality

With your choice of color and logo treatment to wow your guests.

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Large Factory

48,000 sq-ft production facility packed with the right tools and talent.

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10-yr Guarantee

All of our concrete wine tanks are guaranteed not to crack or leak.