Pivotal Manway Cover

The Effortless Manway Cover for Concrete, Steel or Oak Tank
We Can Ship To Your Steel or Oak Tank Maker

What Tank Manufacturers Say About The Pivotal...

“Super easy to work with, craftsmanship is top-notch. It's an exciting product for Santa Rosa Stainless Steel to offer, and it's easy for us to install."

Nathan Williams
Santa Rosa Stainless Steel
Pivotal Manway Cover for Concrete Wine Tanks

Pivotal Manway Cover

For Worker Safety & Ease of Use

A simple choice: you can screw down 10 handles several times a day, you can reach out and lift a 45-pound stainless lid or you can turn a yacht wheel a few times and with one finger, Pivot the large lid in either direction. No kidding, One Finger. Use on your steel tanks, too!
Sonoma Cast Stone Pivotal Manway Covers will work on all large casks and tanks and are being offered by stainless tank makers and fabricators now at competitive prices. Ask your steel and oak tank manufacturers for these innovative fixtures.

In Use By Elite Wineries

Pivotal Manway Covers from Sonoma Cast Stone are not being test-marketed. These amazing fixtures are in use now by wineries you have heard of, and they are being sold successfully by stainless steel tank manufacturers. Your own customers will be asking for them soon.  Order now!
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Pivotal Manway Covers are priced to be competitive,
and we will ship directly to your tank supplier.

For more details about how to get these installed on your next order of Steel, Oak, or Concrete Tanks, use the form below or call 877-283-2400.

If you are a tank manufacturer, you will love
being able to offer this innovative option to your customers.